Great Token developing the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

What is Safu Network?

SAFU NETWORK is a decentralized finance project that combines a charity program that allows users to access transparent loans, insurance contracts, co-investment, and more, enabling them not only to convert inefficient money into efficient money, but also enjoy financial freedom in a safe place. . can. Way. The Safu Network Charity Program aims to help eradicate poverty, help those who are vulnerable to survive, and allocate 2% of Safu Network revenue to charity programs through this program. This is why SAFU is here for you.

SAFU Network has some of the most secure cryptocurrency and fiat wallets in the world. This is a multifunctional wallet with high yield farms and a static betting pool. This allows you to quickly and securely store, send, receive, buy, sell passive income, can be exchanged and bet. There are all the advantages of other wallets and centralized / decentralized exchanges, but you have complete control of your funds in SAFUWALLET by storing the seed phrase, you can control your funds, and your funds are SAFU through the Secure Network.

Cryptocurrency is a type of money that uses progress records as money. Typically, records are created using a method similar to encryption. The advanced monetary format uses ‘distributed control’, in which the conclusion is that it is not mandated by individuals or governments. It is classified as ‘concentrated’ electronic money and commercial banks. Computerized control of each cash works through a scattered record or review of transactions shared by everyone (usually the blockchain), which is populated with the collection of transactional information related to public funds. First legalized as open source programming in 2009 #Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as the underlying decentralized cryptocurrency.

The world of decentralized notes revolves around a mix of standard banking organizations and blockchain development. After the scene burned in August 2018, the business has a strong track record with a value of over $ 6.Cash close to 30 of the 100 best types of cryptos by current market capitalization was also shown in the DeFi project overview. This figure will continue to increase as more and more financial beneficiaries fill the market. This is an ideal opportunity if you are nervous about getting into the market or if you currently have the opportunity to build more relationships.


The SAFU network is a decentralized record project in which charity programs are combined, allowing customers to direct autonomy over credit, guarantee contracts, pooled theory, etc. In a useless way of life that grants a license to convert inefficient money into profitable money. able to. In a safe way. Safu Network Charity Program will participate in poverty alleviation and help disadvantaged people pay their fair share, in which we plan to distribute 2% of Safu Network benefits to respectable targeted programs. Safu Network has the world’s most secure cash and fiat compatible computer wallet with all DEFI features.

SAFU NETWORK believes that you will respect our goods and we intend to keep your treasure growing, we will similarly send our Presale to collect resources for each of those developments, remembering without you we are nothing, but together- as much as we can, we need to gather resources to develop a task that everyone wants to be important, we do our best to use our own savings. After all, it is an ideal opportunity to be assisted by our financial backers,

1. 1.0 delivery site structure,

2. Bargain

3. Post at every CEX 3–4 chance after the Presale, you can’t really tell that this stays on to check out and see magic.

4. Continued promotion and massive progress to ensure our business is known worldwide

5. To help a class of helpless people around the world by assigning 2% of the Safu network’s profits to this reasoning program

6. To develop our work to the ultimate level, we hope and guarantee that your assets will not confuse anyone but produce what you expect from us.

7. We will continue to make forecasts to meet you.

Total liter

The world of decentralized financial centers revolves around a combination of traditional banking services and blockchain technology. After the boom in August 2018, the industry has garnered a strong following and is valued at over $ 67.5 billion. Nearly 30 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies currently ranked by market cap are on the DeFi project list. This figure will continue to increase as more investors enter the market. If you want to enter the market or want to dive deeper into the market, now is the time.

Token owned by the SAFU network

We created SAFU TOKEN (SAFU), an extraordinary token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that everyone can access and use, and most importantly, use fiat conversion tokens through different payment gateways. With SAFU TOKEN and our platform, you can generate passive income with all the features of #DEFI, including, but not limited to, high yield farming, static deposit pools, loose padlocks and more.


  • SafuWallet & SafuPay
  • Dex
  • change
  • Liquidity
  • Pool
  • Amal
  • Dice game


We have made SAFU Token (SAFU) a Great Token that develops an open Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and can be used by anyone or more each of the Fiat conversion tokens through different sections. With the SAFU Token and our establishment, you will generate modest income with all the #DEFI features that fuse but are not limited to developing amazing results, static stamping sets, Liquidy locking, and that’s just a glimpse of something bigger.






UB HUBUNGI ALAMAT DI BINANCE SMART CHAIN ​​(BSC): 0x3b529e373fa083a6e4f8d199a002ac4f7074f586


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