fun gaming platform and historic NFT market around Covid-19 with automatic donation to UNICEF.

In an ideal world, vaccines would only prevent disease and not cause it. In an ideal world, vaccines would be categorized as “effective” or “ineffective” and not as “relatively useful.” Unfortunately, this world is far from ideal and much more complex. After a serious and unusual case of blood clots in people vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine

What is SafeCovid?

SaveCovid is a very unique, powerful and transparent project. on the one hand SaveCovid can also be said to be like “SafeStore” or a fun gaming platform and the historic NFT market around Covid-19 with automatic donations to UNICEF. the team presented this big project for future needs. The presence of a project like this will certainly attract a large market investment, so what are you waiting for? Opportunities are right before your eyes, don’t waste this golden opportunity and it’s time for us to build a SafeCovid Family! don’t forget to join and be a part of this Great project

Auto-Staking with covid-19 anxiety resistance

SafeCovid is a three-tier automated custody protocol on the Binance Smart Chain.

Rewards on every transaction

2% for holders, 2% auto-liquidity

Three Tier Auto Bet

The more time you have, the more you earn. With each new level, your rewards increase.

NFT Covid-19 History Museum

NFTs Community Museum around Covid-19 to remember this historic period.

Play and donate

Play, earn and donate. 20% of game transactions are automatically donated to UNICEF

Airdrop milestones

13 Airdrops related to reaching market cap. (please see the Airdrop table at the bottom)

World Mini-games platform

Earn more $ SFC with mini-games created by developers around the world.

20% of all game deals and NFT sales go to UNICEF. Funds will be sent quarterly.



Supported by PQINA

How does safeCOVID work?

  • You are a responsible person and believe in yourself. You trust your family to do the right thing too…
  • But what about your neighbors? The guy at the checkout where you bought a pack of gum? Your parents? Cousin?
  • safeCOVID teaches you a new set of skills – making masks cheaply, wearing them properly and washing your hands.
  • Once you go through it and share with the people you live with, you are safe for COVID level 1.
  • When you meet someone in person, you have to insist that they show you their safe level of COVID.
  • If they can’t, or aren’t wearing masks, then you have to assume they’re unsafe and keep your distance politely. The current recommendation is 6 feet, or 2 m.
  • Please don’t harass them, but encourage them to ‘level up’.
  • Every time you meet someone your level takes a hit, but not if you share yours first.
  • The longer you are together, the more similar your level will be.
  • The longer you stay at home, the higher your level.
  • If you meet someone who travels a lot and meets a lot of people, your level will drop

Buy your first $ SFC on PancakeSwap

And be the starting pionneer

3 levels of Auto betting. Persevere to develop your vaccine and with each step your rewards will increase. The more people you save, the more gifts you have.

BSC Contract Address: 0xc82a5dd7904ad9dbdfdefe37e6bad6ea2977940c


SafeStoreSafeStore is a mini-game platform. Soon, all developers around the world will have access to it, as a result all SFC holders can play and earn SFC.Initially, game publications will be pushed manually. Later, automatic protocols will allow it in Safestore.The first game developed by the team is LuckyDraw, a simple lucky draw (every 8 hours).Game reward transactions will be allocated according to this model:- 70% for players- 20% for UNICEF- 5% for game developers- 5% for liquidityNFT MarketplaceThe market place will be open to all NFT builders if at least one creation is related to the COVID theme. The NFT will be used first on the Binance Smart Chain and afterwards on the Elrond Network. Each sale will be allocated according to the below model:- 70% for sellers- 20% for UNICEF- 5% for creators- 5% for liquidity

SafeCovid Roadmap

We are on our wayWebsite 100%SafePaper 80%First Lottery & Mini-games 70%20% mini-game community platformNFT Marketplace 10%NFT History MuseumLists Coin & CoinGecko Market CapRegister on Exchange


$ SFC Tokenomics

Total Supply 7,000,000,000 Liquidity (Locked)  45000000 Development   ( Website & App & Network) 750,000,000 Marketing 800,000,000 Lottery & Mini-games 300,000,000 Bird Mine 650,000,000


To conclude

Covid-19 is a deadly virus that has claimed many lives around the world and caused considerable economic losses in many countries. As a result of this virus, many people have lost their jobs and caused their financial conditions to deteriorate.Learn more:Website:



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