Soku Swap

Soku Swap is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

What is Soku Swap?
Soku Swap is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that uses a relatively new type of trading model called an automated liquidity protocol. Soku Swap operates on the Ethereum network as well as the Binance smart chain.

Soku Swap is a decentralized exchange. Blockchain technology allows cryptocurrencies to be able to store multiple transactions in a database, making it transparent, secure, and not editable or intervened by any party. This is the reason why blockchain technology is used by many cryptocurrencies today. It uses an automated market maker smart contract to create a liquidity pool. The exchange is live on ERC-20 tokens and Network BEP-20 tokens.

Soku Swap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) hosted on the Ethereum network and the Binance smart chain. DEX uses automated smart contracts from market makers to create a liquidity pool for ERC-20 tokens and BEP-20 tokens. These features allow users to trade using algorithms rather than the order books used on conventional exchanges.

Knowing that the biggest obstacle to entry was a lack of education and knowledge about how to trade cryptocurrency, they decided to focus on it. With an on-screen chat feature to answer any questions you may have and step-by-step instructions on the screen, anyone can trade. And if you still want to know more, they have classes you can complete for a fee in crypto. You can even get paid to send people to class.

Soku Swap also has several advantages, such as allowing users to make decisions about the future of DEX using our governance token. And we even have weekly payments for everyone who has placed liquidity and made 3 trades per week.

What is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?

A decentralized exchange is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that allows direct peer-to-peer digital currency transactions to be carried out online securely and without the need for intermediaries.

Advantages of DEX

  1. No KYC –  KYC / AML compliance is the norm on many exchanges. For regulatory reasons, individuals must frequently submit identity documentation and proof of address. This is a privacy issue for some and an accessibility issue for others. What if you don’t have valid documents? What if the information gets leaked? Since DEX is unlicensed, no one checks your identity. All you need is a cryptocurrency wallet.
  2. No Counterparty Risk –  The main attraction of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges is that they don’t hold customer funds.
  3. Unlisted  Tokens  Tokens that are not listed on a centralized exchange can still be traded freely on DEX, provided there is supply and demand

How does it work?

 This allows users to trade using an algorithm versus the order book used on conventional exchanges. Price is determined using the formula  x * y = k  (  x  coins tokens  x  and  y  coin token  Y  , and always maintain the invariant that  x  *  y  =  k  for some constant  k),  and this ensuring reserves remain in relative balance. Soku Swap reserves are pooled among the liquidity providers who supply the exchange with tokens in exchange for a portion of the transaction fees. Soku Swap uses registry contracts to facilitate exchange between different currencies. The system mechanics ensure trading between cryptocurrencies is based on their relative supply. 

Soku Swap Features:

  • Soku Swap offers users multiple ways to make money. From providing liquidity to trading or using soft loans using term loans. Imagine doing multimillion dollar arbitrage transactions with Pancake Swap or Uniswap using our coins in our easy-to-use flash credit system.
  • With SOKU, our governance token, you can help define the future of the exchange. And if you do a lot of trades each week, you also get a fraction of the trading volume. The more the exchange grows, the more your payout will be. In addition, you can decide which service comes first. If you have enough of these SOKUs, we may need to provide a parking space in your name.
  • At Soku Swap, you can transact on the Ethereum network and the Binance smart chain. Ethereum is the largest decentralized network in the blockchain world, so it is impossible to launch an exchange without using it. But along with the size, there are other problems. The Binance Smart Chain has recently emerged to help solve this problem. With faster trading and lower fees, Binance is definitely worth a look. We believe both are important and we want our users to be able to transact wherever they want.
  • Have you ever tried explaining cryptocurrency to someone? I sure do, everyone has. We know it’s a headache, but we try to educate the people we know because we care about them. Well, imagine if you could send them links to some free crypto classes, and the more classes they do, the more you will earn both. And don’t worry, we’ll keep it short and funny. We want to make learning easy and profitable for everyone.
  • What do people really hate about crypto exchanges? Is this a major drawback in customer service? I know this is one of our team’s main complaints. So we decided to fix it. We’ll chat 24 hours a day so you’ll never have a question you can’t answer. No matter where you are, there is always someone at one click to help if you need them.
  • Centralized exchanges require all customers to fill out a self-identification form. You need to enter your name, date of birth, social security, blood type, DNA sample. Cryptocurrency was born as a decentralized currency that cannot be controlled and tracked. With DEX freedom, you only need to connect your wallet and make trades.

Soku Swap Road Map:

Tokenomik Soku Swap:

Name: SOKU
Base Price: $ 0.88
Blockchain: BSC

Total Token

Supply: 222,222,222 Symbol: SOKU
Total Tokens Available for Sale: 111,111,111
Type: BEP-20
Purchase Method: BNB, ETH, BTC,
USDT Softcap: 100,000 SOKU
Hardcap: 1,000,000

Token distribution:

Read More Here:

Official Site:








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