MocktailSwap – World’s First Semi-Fungible Token on BSC

About Mocktail
Mocktail Token is MocktailSwap’s first semi-fungible token. Mocktail Finance is an AMM protocol that combines multi-strategy yield optimization on the low cost / slip Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that also provides aggregation via vault compounding, borrowing, and yield gain for maximum returns.MocktailSwap is a decentralized exchange solution on the Binance Smart Chain. We provide a platform to create a fully secure and fast decentralized token exchange system.The stable placement of your assets with little or no loss is not permanentAutomatic results and optimally optimizedComplete DecentralizationThe MOK token economy is fully governance-basedMOCKTAILSWAPPersonal Sales Detailslogo.png
Decentralized exchanges (DEX) have been present in the crypto industry for a few years now, but they have never seen enough traffic to be a real threat to a centralized platform.
DEX has its fair share of issues, such as regulatory uncertainty, low liquidity, longer waiting times, and the like. All of this is to their detriment, as they don’t have enough to offer to attract more traffic. The only thing they want is decentralization and a higher level of anonymity. However, with most crypto transactions traceable, this is of no interest to most users.
This changed with the advent of DeFi in 2020, and DEX is finally getting the attention they have wanted for a few years now. With a wide range of banking services, now offered in a decentralized and intermediary manner, the DeFi project is starting to attract a lot of attention.
Now, a new generation of DEX is emerging – aiming to offer many DeFi services to those who wish to join. As a result, they can provide much greater liquidity, more coins, and other benefits which, combined with elements of decentralization, are finally starting to bring in new users, and emerge as real competitors to decentralized exchanges. One great example of this is MocktailSwap.What is Mocktail Swap?
MocktailSwap is a decentralized exchange solution on the Binance Smart Chain. We provide a platform to create a fully secure and fast decentralized token exchange system.
Stable placement of your assets with little or no impermanent losses
Automatic, maximally optimized results
Complete Decentralization Completely
governance-based MOK token economy
MocktailSwap features: Exchange
is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged Binance Smart Chain.
In addition, you can earn MOCK by yielding farm, earn MOCK by Staking, and get more tokens.
Why is Binance Smart Chain?
In very simple terms, why would we want to drive a slower car that costs more? We’re all about gamification, so we wanted to maximize the feedback loop to earn, stake, and earn again: BSC’s superior speed and considerably lower transaction fees allow us to do this.
While the BSC may not have the level of adoption that Ethereum has at the moment, we believe in Binance’s ability and drive to cover it very well in the future.How does it work?This is a new Ethereum token standard on the Binance Smart Chain and a new type of dapp on Mocktail Finance!The ERC-1155 token standard provides a way to create one smart contract managing an almost unlimited number of tokens – technically, 2²⁵⁶ token types with up to 2²⁵⁶ copies each.In addition, each token is semi-equivalent.  Unlike ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each of which can only be owned by one address.Semi-fungible means:Each type of token can have multiple addressesOne address can have multiple copies of each token.SwappingSwapping is the process of exchanging one token to another, on the same platform. Swapping is done at minimal cost for liquidity providers, who have provided liquidity to the pool. Read moreLiquidityLiquidity is a measure of the ease with which an asset can be converted to other assets without affecting its price. In simple terms, liquidity describes how quickly and easily an asset can be bought or sold. Read moreAgricultureYield farming is a way to generate more crypto with your crypto. This involves you lending your funds to other people through marvels of computer programs called smart contracts. Read moreAttackA betting pool is a group of coin holders who pool their resources to increase their chances of validating blocks and receiving prizes. They combine their staking power and share the prize in proportion to their contribution to the pool. Read morePersonal Sales DetailspictureStarting Block: # 6194146Starting Time: 1 APR, 2021 17:00 UTCEnd Time: 2 APR, 2021 17:00 UTCSoft Cap: 500,000 MOKHard Hat: 1,500,000 MOKCirculating Supply: 1,500,000 MOKPrivate Sales: 1,500,000 MOKMin. Investment: 0.01 BNBMax. Investment: 50 BNBNilai Tukar: 1 MOK = 0.004 BNBAddition: 65 BNBBUSD raises: $ 2260Total Holders: 40We Accept: BNB, BUSDInitial Token DistributionpictureMining Token Distributionpicture
RoadmapConcept development timeline.picturepictureRevised Mocktail Sales Schedulepicture

MocktailSwap is a decentralized swap platform that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Join a decentralized exchange network, and exchange your tokens at MocktailSwap:

Website – – Group – Official Servers – Link:;u=3122413

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