reward system to give players multiple ways to win 

Bitfresh provides a secure and transparent blockchain-based gaming platform that offers a variety of games for interested users. There are famous and new games. Choose from a variety of variations and enjoy your time. Thanks to blockchain technology, the whole process is completely secure and you don’t have to worry about the fairness of the platform. Bitfresh prides not only on the excellent design and aesthetic satisfaction of using our platform, but also in a completely safe and fair gaming experience. One of our goals is to present a decentralized system that makes the whole experience 100% untrustworthy and manipulation free.

The platform is filled with a reward system to provide players with multiple ways to win and make money over time BitFresh uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform, where the gaming process is efficient, transparent and proven fair.

BitFresh will take advantage of the maximum capabilities of blockchain technology, using the TRON network to provide gamers with a variety of benefits which include: Low commission fees, fast transactions, minimum bets, increased security, non-custodial betting and dividend payouts.

Blockchain gambling

Gambling on the blockchain has increased. With actors such as Wink, BlueBet and Dice2Win averaging over USD 4 million in weekly transaction volume each. From what is currently reported on sites like Dappradar, Dapps’ top 25 casinos averaged over USD 50 million in weekly transaction volume. If we calculate a 2% casino profit, we are talking about a profit of at least USD 1 million a week made by only the top 25 casino Dapps.

One of the main problems in the iGaming industry is a lack of transparency and, as a result, users’ distrust of traditional applications and online games. With blockchain, you can provide complete transparency, secure storage of user funds, and non-custodial gambling.

Bitfresh provides a secure and transparent blockchain-based gaming platform. We like to think of it as the first community-based iGaming platform. Bitfresh is our take on the future of gambling, with a new spin on how society gambles. In other words, this is the future of gambling where trust is not always the top priority.

Bitfresh feature

Bitfresh offers a secure and transparent blockchain-based gaming platform for global users. Players can access various games such as classic dice, coin flip, classic slots, 3D slots, and many more easily and safely. But the Bitfresh feature is not only that, there are still other features provided by Bitfresh, here are the features;

  • Transparency: Bitfresh leverages blockchain technology to create a gaming platform that is transparent and can be trusted by users.
  • Fairness: To create an honest gaming ecosystem, Bitfresh uses certified RNG gaming providers and technologies that prove fair for gaming.
  • Community Driven: On Bitfresh, the community can participate in participating in Bitfresh development by sending feedback or suggestions.
  • Innovative Game Mechanics: Bitfresh applies innovative game mechanics and is quite new to the industry. With this mechanism, Bitfresh can increase user engagement and retention.
  • Staking: Players can stake their tokens to maximize their profit.
  • Dividends: Players and stakeholders can earn dividends through the Bitfresh dividend system.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a community-based iGaming platform that makes continuous improvements based on user feedback. Its main goal is to create a fair and trusted environment for stakeholders and gamers.

– Recognized as the first iGaming platform driven by the community.

– Growing and changing as blockchain technology advances.

– Give an example of how a blockchain company should act in their community.

At a core level, we want to make the concept of decentralized gaming a reality. Most importantly, our main vision is to provide a gambling ecosystem with trust, safety and fairness.

A smarter way to bet

Safe and transparent, proven fair.

Innovative Game Mechanics

Auto betting, token mining, hidden jackpots and community challenges.

Dividend Distribution

Get rewarded for your playing time as our platform grows.

Transparency & Fairness

Verify every transaction and eliminate the need for trust.



Rating System

One of the many ways Bitfresh rewards players is through crypto prizes & bonuses for reaching new ranks. Each rank has a number of stake and mission requirements. The higher the rank, the higher the reward.

Daily Missions

The platform will have a series of missions that can be completed each day to access special bonuses and additional ranking points.

Purchasable Items

Players will have access to a set of items that can be purchased with the BFT. These items will give players special abilities or bonuses over our in-house games. This bonus can change from extra mining rewards to a reduced house edge.

Detail Token 

● Token Name: BitFresh Token

●  Token Symbol: BFT

● Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

● Token Type: TRC-20 TRON Token Based

● Token Types: 18 TRON Based Tokens


A total of 1,000,000,000 BFT tokens will be issued and allocated as follows:

● 5%: of BFT tokens will be allocated for Staking

● 5%: of BFT tokens will be allocated to Advisor

● 5%: of BFT tokens will be allocated to Early Support

● 10%: of BFT tokens will be allocated for Public Sale

● 5%: of BFT tokens will be allocated for Bonus Mechanics

● 20%: BFT tokens will be allocated to Teams

● 50%: BFT tokens will be allocated to Players


Q4 2020

• Development of a whitepaper • Establishment


• Coin & dice return game

• Initial mining system

• Launch of alpha platform

• Pre-launch campaign & rewards program

Q1 2021

• Improved accessibility

• Launching

official main network • BFT mining commences

• Referral program

Q2 2021

• Addition of new in-house games

• Token issuance and initial sale

• Dividend group prizes

• Jackpot system

• List of tokens

Q3 2021

• The addition of new cryptocurrencies

• Improved mobile experience

• Daily gambling mission

• Player items

Q4 2021

• The token burn started

• Level & achievement system

• New games & integration with Game providers

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