New projects based on smart contracts and blockchain systems with functional decentralization areas for investment and income.

The internal currency of the project is ASLA tokens, and also Aga tokens related to the gameplay. When freezing ASLA tokens, users receive dividends and Aga tokens on a daily basis.  

This platform shows us how to benefit from the growing cryptocurrency industry. Companies for your confident investment growth, as well as for those who are indifferent to the world of the future with affordable technology and at a fair price.

ASLA Trade is a functional, simple and intuitive trading platform for both professionals and beginners. All the necessary information is presented in the tool window. The data on trading pairs is parsed from the world’s most famous exchanges Binance, and Bitfinex to form the yield rates on the ASLAtrade platform. The chart data is based on the average values ​​of the three exchanges

ASLAgames – play and earn dividends

ASLAproject gives all computer game enthusiasts the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency thanks to ASLAgames.

ASLAgames is your favorite game created on the basis of blockchain and smart contracts

Produk NEVER:

  1. ASLAGames
  2. ASLATrade
  3. ASLAdex
  4. ASLAmessenger

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  1. ASLAGames: Industry-Games is one of the biggest industries out there. His income is billions of dollars. Many of us think of playing games and making money at the same time. ASLA provides this opportunity to play games and also helps us earn money too. ASLAproject gives all computer game enthusiasts the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency thanks to ASLAgames. ASLAgames is one of the favorite games based on blockchain and smart contracts.

2. ASLATrade: The ASLA Trading Platform is very simple and clear. ASLAtrade has functions for professionals and is simple and intuitive for beginners. All necessary information is presented on the ASLA Website.

Platform Perdagangan ASLA

ASLAtrade is based on blockchain and smart contracts. This is mainly clear trade and unconditional data protection. One of the advantages of binary contracts is simplicity. Just click on the “higher” or “lower” button and wait for the result. The risks were known in advance. The outcome of the bet depends on the correctness of the predicted price changes for the selected asset.

3. ASLAdex: ASLAdex is a decentralized exchange for digital cryptocurrency trading, which combines the speed and security of a blockchain system. ASLAdex is also a convenient way to trade without corruption and fraud. Because it provides high security for digital assets.

4. ASLAMessanger: Blockchain has provided the world with a safe and effective way to do business. Most of the couriers store data in a centralized database. This database is viewed and monitored. Meanwhile, ASLAmessenger avoids this risk because it does not have a centralized server.

ASLA project coins

ASLA uses the Tron network capable of processing 25,000 transactions per second – far more than six Bitcoin or Ethereum 25. This is possible because of the use of DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake), a consensus mechanism that allows a large number of transactions.

You can buy ASLA now:

This is a very promising project, due to the fact that the company has a clear strategy.

Super Amazing Great Project, Hope will soon change future crypto trends in new ways. Looks very promising, As this project is always about the trend of the moon. Future super strong project. This project has great potential. One of the great projects that I really like. Guys, I recommend not to miss the opportunity to take advantage of this project.

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